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Welcome Robin and Riki!

     Congratulations Robin Smith and Riki Shane – you’re going to be seeing these two awesome coaches more as they now take classes solo! It has been a privilege working with Robin and Riki in the CrossFit Christchurch Intern Program over the last 8 months. From shadowing classes to taking them solo, a lot of […]

WOD Hints for 24/2 to 28/2/15

Tuesday WOD Hint for today Long EMOM with: -Oly lift -Explosive hip opener (it’s all in the hips) -Double unders So something I learned yesterday. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (the fittest woman on earth) is roughly the same height as Coach Katie. Wednesday Congrats to Tom for passing the advanced sequence test and Oscar for passing the […]

WOD Hints for 17/2 to 21/2

Tuesday A chipper style run, gymnastic push, gymnastic pull, and weight lifting move. 12 minute time cap. Wednesday 5 RFT This workout involves two “pull the object to you” type of movements, one grinding and one explosive, followed by moving yourself over the bar. It’s not a burpee pullover, but I thought I’d give you […]

WOD Hints for week of 9/2 to 14/2 2015

Monday 5 Rounds for time 10 “Man, I’m squeezing my butt and making this look pretty, but that dude looks like a dead fish flopping from the bar”s 15 “I hate my life because I’m short”s 15 “Dude, I’m going to get such ripped abs from this”s Tuesday 15 minute I go you go style […]

WOD Hints: 27/01 – 01/02

Tuesday Today, pay particular attention to where the weight in your feet is as you box jump. Ideally, both when you take off and land, you should be able to feel weight on your 5th toe (pinky toe) and be able to feel the arches of your feet. If your arch collapses, that means your […]

Preparation is the key

The biggest challenges in the first couple of weeks – organization and cravings Last week I asked the Crossfit Christchurch Nutrition Facebook group what were their biggest challenges in the first week of the challenge. The biggest hurdles seemed to be around getting organized/prepared and fighting off the first week of sugar cravings. Here is […]

Primal/Paleo Before and After

If you need a nudge to convince you to do The Whole Life Challenge (starting TOMORROW) then look no further. Julz and Steve both saw dramatic changes after making the switch to a Paleo/Primal Lifestyle. The pictures are amazing, but they can’t describe the improvements in how they felt and performed. The link to register […]

Holiday Homework Challenge

Introducing the Holiday Homework Challenge How it works: We are closed from Christmas day to January 5th, but just like that evil teacher in high school, we’re giving you some holiday homework. Do your homework and avoid losing strength, mobility, and gaining weight over the holidays.  Challenge 1 – Do the daily holiday homework WOD posted […]