Are you the next CF ChCh Fanny or Naked Chef?

What you need to know about the upcoming WLC Bake Off Event…

What is it?  To celebrate the six week mark of the WLC – we are inviting challenge participants to take part in a bake off!  Your mission WLCers – should you accept it, is to create a delicious paleo treat that complies with the performance nutrition level.

Sign up by noting down your details on the noticeboard at the gym.  On the day, bring your recipe and your beautifully presented paleo treat for judging.

When is it? Saturday 5th March between 9.45am – 11am

Where is it? Chris & Jo’s House (opposite CF Christchurch HQ)

Who will judge? You be the judge… literally! Judging is open to any WLC participants and CF Christchurch gym members – all for a small fee of $5 per person (if you’ve ever eaten at a paleo cafe – you’ll know what a bargain basement price this is!).  Please register to be a judge via Zen Planner so that we can advise the bakers of how many portions will be required.  The money collected will be distributed evenly among the bakers to help cover baking costs.  The three most popular baked treats will be those with the most votes.  In the event of a tie – the treat with the most gold, silver or bronze respectively will then be considered.  Winning bakers will get massive bragging rights – their recipes posted on the CF Christchurch social media pages… and a surprise that will be revealed on the day.

How does judging work? Baking must be at the gym by 9.45am and will be displayed with your recipe card (so adoring fans can take pics to recreate at home).  You must not bias the judging process by identifying who made the treat – it will be judged by taste and looks alone.  Each judge will receive a gold, silver and bronze token that they will then use to vote for their favourite treat.  There will be coffee and cream at the gym as well for judges and bakers to enjoy… but sugar is the devil – so you won’t be wanting any of that obviously!

Judges and bakers – register your interest quick smart!  Places will go like hotcakes (hehehehe).