Timetable Changes – Fostering Progression

Sometimes getting better requires that you tweak what you’ve been doing. Our mission is to provide safe, progressive, challenging classes for all our members- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With this in mind, we’re making a few tweaks to our class offerings in order to make sure everyone has the opportunity to progress. Here is a run down of the changes and how they benefit everyone.

From November 23rd

  • Our Beginner classes will be replaced by a much more comprehensive Foundations Course.
    • The Foundations Course will guide anyone who wants to learn (or revisit) the basics through 8 sequential, hour-long classes. The classes will cover at least 16 core Crossfit movements, nutrition, recovery, and host of other topics. It will mean that newbies joining the WOD classes will be much more prepared, which will in turn benefit everyone’s experience.
    • There will be two Foundations “streams”. This means that a new Foundations course will start every two weeks. People just signing up to Crossfit can do Hitfit and All Levels classes while they are waiting for a new stream to start.
  • We are introducing 30 minute advanced skill classes, specifically focused on olympic lifting and gymnastic skills.
    • These classes are for members who are motivated to spend some extra time on Olympic Lifting and the more technical gymnastic movements (e.g. the muscle up and handstand pushups/walks).
    • Members will do a quick warm-up and then do approximately 30 minutes working on the skills. Then join the main W.O.D. class members for the strength move and the W.O.D. This means that everyone will get to work out together. We will also have a scaled-up option for our more advanced members.
    • The classes will be labeled either “gym skill” or “oly skill” on the calendar.
  • HitFit Classes
    • As we welcome new members into the Fundamental Program there will be slight changes to the HitFit class times. Please check the calendar for updates
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