The last Athletic Level Testing was a HUGE success. Members found out where their fitness level was through a whole range of movements, testing them both physically and mentally…. and the chance to retest, or check your fitness for the first time is coming up…

Register NOW for the next Athletic Level Testing Day -November 28th from 10:15-12:15

Your fitness will be tested in 7 different areas of fitness over two hours – But you won’t know until the day what you’re being testing on… so be prepared!

Areas tested could include strength, speed, skill, endurance, and work capacity.

Look at the athletics standards chart on the perspex whiteboard in the gym.

Register now via your CrossFit Log-in under “Sign Up”. Entries are limited to 20 people so get in quick. $30 pp (free if you did the last athletic levels test, but please email to reserve your place if you did it last time).