WOD Hints and tips for week of 15.12.14


Six rounds for time of a weighted carry and gymnastics couplet. Think Spider man meets iconic New Zealand occupation.



20 minute EMOM couplet. For both movements you will need good hip and overhead mobility.

KStarr brings up a really good point. In your daily mobility (you’re doing that right?), you should be choosing what you do based on what you need to recover from and what you are going to be doing tomorrow. Check out the video below.



and no, the second movement isn’t lame dumbell sumo high pulls…..


After all those sweat marks from the burpees, you might have to do some CLEANING.

Coach Carl Paoli on how burpees transfer to other movements……



40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest of two gymnastic movements, plus skipping. Remember to keep your neck neutral, no rubber necking. Ideally, we want to keep the spine in a braced neutral or GLOBAL extension/flexion for pretty much all Crossfit movements. This includes gymnastic moves.


3 rounds for max reps
-1min _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ s
-1min _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _
-1min _ _ _  _ _ _ p s
-1min K B S
-1min _ _ _
-1min rest

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