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Holiday Homework Challenge

Introducing the Holiday Homework Challenge

How it works: We are closed from Christmas day to January 5th, but just like that evil teacher in high school, we’re giving you some holiday homework. Do your homework and avoid losing strength, mobility, and gaining weight over the holidays.

 Challenge 1 – Do the daily holiday homework WOD posted on our Facebook page each day we are closed (10 points daily). These will be WODS you can do at home with no or minimal equipment.


Challenge 2 – Set yourself an extra daily challenge RIGHT NOW (10 points). Set yourself an extra daily challenge. It doesn’t matter if you follow through right now, just set one. The challenge is up to you, but some ideas are:

-Achieve 30 minutes in a squat everyday (you can break it up into short intervals throughout the day).

-Meditate 10 minutes everyday

-Do a burpee challenge (5 burpees the first day, 10 the 2nd, 15 the 3rd, etc)

-Do a gratefulness practice (like in the Whole Life Challenge)

-Do the Mobility WOD Daily Rx every day

It’s up to you, just set yourself a challenge that feels achievable and motivating.

Every day you do your challenge, give yourself 5 points.


Challenge 3 (+5 points per video or article) – Here are some concepts/idea that we think are REALLY important and would help lots of people.

-Midline stability – Core strength=ability to keep your spine (e.g. back) in a neutral position while moving and applying force. Not just having ripped abs (though those would be nice too).

-Crossfit training 2.0 – Practice constantly varied, functional movements and test/train work capacity during the WOD. “Work Capacity is the integrity of postures and patterns against fatigue across time”. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s all about form and technique. Think of the WOD as a test to see if your skill and technique can hold up under a bit of stress, not a test to see how many reps you can do.

The Primal Blueprint Diagrams- Just following the guidelines these info-graphics will give most people much greater health and well being.

Challenge 4 – Goal setting (+10)

Take 20 minutes to think about some goals for 2015. If you need some help, check out this video by Coach Pete. Also, Coach Katie is going to be running a goal setting seminar in January for those of you having trouble or really want to make sure you meet your goals.

Challenge 5 – Hack your will power (+5 points for every strategy you use. These tips are based on a blog post from Jason Donaldson at The Biz)

Strategy 1- Eat something nutritious BEFORE you go out to that Christmas/New Years Party. Fill up on the good stuff and you’ll be less tempted by the bad stuff.

Strategy 2- If you are going to drink, try some spirits instead of beer or wine. You’re favorite Pilsner or Pinot is yummy but not a great choice if you are trying to lose weight. White spirits like vodka and soda water or the now famous NorCal Margarita might be a better choice. Follow each drink up with a glass of water to ease the hangover. Or better yet, don’t drink enough to get one in the first place….: )

Strategy 3- Have a “Go-to” workout when you are short on time and motivation. Have 5 minutes? Then do AMRAP Burpees in 5 minutes.

Have an amazing holiday Everyone and we’ll see you back in the gym on January 5th! Post on our Facebook page and let us know how you go. 




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