Our Rookies Program

Our Rookies Program is designed for any fitness level, and for those new to CrossFit. This 2 week program will excel you through the main CrossFit movements, teaching you the necessary technique to enter our main CrossFit classes.

Rookies begins with our Registration Day you will meet the other Rookies and do the baseline workout. 

You will also find out more information about the program and confirm your registration for the next 2 weeks. 

Give us a call to book your spot for our next CrossFit Rookies Program (03) 928 2489.

What happens after Registration Day?

After your first session, we are pretty sure you’ll be hooked. You’ll receive a 3 x per week membership which includes Rookies and Hitfit classes. Rookies will guide you through four sequential classes covering all the basic Crossfit movements. Our HITfit classes are 30-45 minutes and designed to give you a quick, super-effective dose of high intensity training. 

After you have been through Rookies, you will be ready move on to our main WOD (Workout of the Day) classes.*  Attending WOD classes at least 3 x per week, you’ll achieve fantastic results. Just 3 hours a week can dramatically improve your health and fitness.

*If you’ve done Crossfit before, all you need to do is pass our short movement test and you can join into the WOD classes.

Getting started at Crossfit Christchurch couldn’t be easier – give us a call to book your spot for our next CrossFit Rookies Program (03) 928 2489. 

Call now on 03 9282489 to secure your spot in our next Rookies Program!