Group classes

Our group Crossfit kids classes build fitness, self-confidence, and good movement patterns in a supportive, coach-led environment. The functional movements incorporated into our games provide a solid foundation for continued growth in sport and life. Plus, we often incorporate mental games and challenges to build a strong brain along with a strong body.

Most importantly, IT’S FUN! Check out the testimonial page to see what kids and parents have to say about our program.

Personal Training or Performance Tutoring

For kids who need a little more support or for the true next generation of top athletes, personal training is a great addition to our group program. With 1 on 1 attention we are better able to identify gaps in their conditioning or mobility which may lead to injury or loss of performance later on. PT is also great way to introduce fitness to those that might be a little nervous about the gym or jumping straight into our group programs.

We are also proud to be the only Ignite affiliate gym in New Zealand. Ignite uses Crossfit exercises and mental exercises together to prime the brain for learning and teach kids how to perform under stress (whether that stress is a test or a Rugby game). For academics, we pair exercise with targeted study to help learn the material and access it when it counts. For sports, we teach kids how to use their breath and visualization to perform at their best. We often use elements of Ignite in our regular Crossfit kids classes.

Exercise can be a profound way to help those with neurological challenges such as AD/HD, Autism, Dyspraxia or brain injury. For more on how we pair mental and physical exercise, see the Ignite FAQ.