Check out a Crossfit class doing a warm up at Crossfit Christchurch

Elite fitness – for all abilities

  • Crossfit is a style of training that makes you use your entire body – they way it was designed to be used.
  • Crossfit sessions are fun, short and intense.
  • Crossfit is elite fitness for everyone because our experienced coaches will scale a workout to your current ability.
  • By everyone, we mean everyone. Our members at CrossFit Christchurch are new mums, students, business people, athletes, ladies and men older than 50 and individuals rehabilitating.

CrossFit Christchurch is more than just a gym where you lift heavy weights – our trained team have the skills to help you improve your overall health, and enjoy doing it!

What does a CrossFit session look like?

A CrossFit Christchurch session involves a coach guided warm up and mobility component, a skills component, a crossfit workout and cool down /stretching component – all in 60 minutes!

See our current time schedule here.

Unleash the inner child – you are built to run, jump, climb, throw, lift, crawl, leap, conquer and play!

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