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Get amongst a group of people who will challenge you, motivate you, and support you.

This is a place where the last person is cheered for loudest, where every rep, lift and squat matters. More than a gym, we are a community


With no more than 12 members to a coach we ensure plenty of classes are available.

Check out the timetable for times of our WOD, Hit Fit, Beginner, Strength, All Levels and Advanced Classes, as well as classes for Kids and Mums


CrossFit is elite fitness for everyone.

Through a variety of programs we bring this fitness to the wider community – CrossFit Kids, Barbell Training, CrossFit Mums, CrossFit Teens,  Ignite Academy Training, CrossFit for Schools and CrossFit Teams,

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Who are we?

Our diverse community strives to become Fitter, Faster, and Stronger.

By making technique a priority we give you as much time as you need to learn to move like an athlete, before you lift the weights of an athlete

Fellow members support each other. Whether it’s in eating better or striving to reach the next weight lifted, or just being a voice of encouragement when things get challenging.

What our Members are saying


After training with Chris and Peter for a while, I am more flexible, stronger, faster and truly in the best shape I have ever been in. CrossFit Christchurch is not just a gym, but a place to grow as an individual, find your weaknesses and truly become better at life.

Paul Kayaker

I love the technique training I get, the motivation and support from the coaches, and the people I have met.

I wouldn’t work this hard by myself in a gym

JulieBusiness Owner, Mother

Crossfit Christchurch sessions are fast, jam packed and lots of fun – no standing around,   we work hard and effectively and I believe it’s helped me get results faster than any other type of exercise or programme I’ve tried before

I’ve gained lots of new knowledge and skills on how to prevent, and manage, injuries –  I’ve have become more aware of how my body works and the best ways to get results from it.

LouiseProfessional Entertainer extraordinaire, Clown